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Omar Taher MSYP

Omar Taher MSYP

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Being part of politics has always been a passion of mine – mainly because I’m interested in debating and speaking about certain issues but also because I’ve been told I have a different perspective from others due to where I come from and how I was raised. During my time as an MSYP, I hope to bring attention of some of the utmost important issues that are unnoticeable by our world leaders, to the world leaders. I’ll do this by campaigning and consulting with my constituents, whilst also using my perspective as an advantage of seeking issues that others may not recognise. Together, as SYP, I hope that we can try to campaign on these issues and hope that they can only be resolved with the amount of effort we put, collectively as an organisation!”

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    Omar Taher MSYP on stage giving his speech at SYP77
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