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We are currently developing our 2021-26 Manifesto From Scotland’s Young People.

As the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people, the issues we focus and take action on come directly from the concerns raised by 12-25 years olds across the country. Our manifesto will be the product of a nationwide, youth-led consultation.

By sharing their views in this consultation, young people will directly shape SYP’s work over the next five years as well as help us inform Scotland’s political parties on what changes Scotland’s youth would like to see in the next Scottish Parliamentary term. 

In this survey, we ask young people for their opinions on a range of statements, covering topics such climate change, when the school day should start and how the Scottish Government should protect your futures in the aftermath of COVID-19. These have been selected by SYP’s Conveners Group after consultation with a wide range of young people and youth organisations.

Young people chose the name “From Scotland’s Young People” name as the results will act a letter from Scotland’s youth to decision makers.  

Our manifesto gives us the strong mandate we have to represent young people – make sure your voice is included!

The survey is open to all young people aged 12-25 who live in Scotland. Completing this survey will earn you 150 Young Scot Rewards points.

Virtual engagement session

In this engagement session, we highlight and discuss some of the more challenging manifesto topics, ensuring that young people are confident in their understanding of the survey questions.

Partners’ Pack

How can adults support From Scotland’s Young People? To ensure we allow as many young people as possible to have their voices heard, we need the help of MSYPs, young people and, in particular, adults to help our survey across the country.

Therefore, we are inviting partners to commit to the following actions:

Download these template posts to use on Twitter and Facebook. PDF
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  • Share these assets on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a link to the survey.
  • Circulate this information with your networks and in your newsletters.
  • Contact SYP if you are interested in exploring alternative methods of reaching out to your community of young people. We are keen to ensure we make this process accessible to all of Scotland’s young people and would be delighted to discuss different ways of doing this with yourselves. In particular, we’re keen to ensure that seldom heard groups and those facing digital exclusion have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Contact us on to discuss this further.

SYP would not be able to operate without the support of our fantastic allies and, with traditional methods of engaging with young people being somewhat limited in the current crisis, your support in promoting this consultation online is more vital than ever!

Any questions about the manifesto? Get in touch.