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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new manifesto, From Scotland’s Young People!

The issues inside this key findings report focus on come directly from the concerns raised by 12-25 year olds across the country. By sharing their views in our consultation, young people have shaped SYP’s work over the next five years, as well as inform Scotland’s political parties on what changes Scotland’s youth would like to see in the next Scottish Parliamentary term. 

We made a deliberate effort to shine a light on the issues that are most important to young people who might otherwise be harder to reach – and whose lives may have been affected disproportionately by the pandemic. The manifesto presents detailed insights about the issues that matter most to these young people, to amplify those voices and ensure they are heard by those in power.

Our manifesto gives us the strong mandate we have to represent young people and is now available to download!

From Scotland’s Young People: key findings report PDF
1,974 kB
From Scotland’s Young People (easy read) PDF
182 kB

Ongoing opportunity: Call for Stories

In order to make our manifesto calls for change even stronger, we are looking for young people to share their unique stories about the topics covered in our consultation. These stories will be used to bring our manifesto calls to life and will give you the chance to use your story to demonstrate to decision makers why these changes may (or may not) need to take place.

Whilst we are delighted to accept stories on any of the topics covered in the manifesto, we are particularly interested in hearing from you if you have experience of the following areas:

  • Experienced LGBTQ+ bullying in school
  • Gained, or in the process of, legal recognition for your lived gender through a gender recognition certificate  
  • Experienced barriers to voting in Scottish elections as a refugee, asylum-seeker, or immigrant  
  • Experienced limited access to the internet/devices to access the internet which has impacted online learning or working from home 
  • Found it challenging to find a job, or have lost your job, during the pandemic.

Please get in touch with a brief summary of your story by emailing, and a staff member will get back in touch to discuss how best to platform your story. Then, we will support you to produce a blog or short video to share your story, which will be published either anonymously or with your name. Alternatively, we’d be happy to set up a telephone interview to enable you to share your story in that way.

Those who choose to share their story will be rewarded with a £25 Amazon Voucher. This is an ongoing opportunity, with no set deadline.