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Policy Log

Our policies cover a wide range of issues important to young people and set out the views of MSYPs and young people on these issues.

SYP’s policy is fundamentally youth-led and defines the work of the organisation. This allows SYP and MSYPs to campaign on these policies to decision-makers with the mandate of being supported by Scotland’s young people.

SYP keeps a full log of all active policy that has been created by young people through Motions proposed at our Sittings, our From Scotland’s Young People Manifesto, and consultations with groups of young people on specific issues.

You can use the tools at the top of the Policy Log window below to navigate the Log. If you cannot see the tools, or have other questions, there is guidance on how to use our Policy Log at the bottom of this page.

How to Use

  • The tools at the top of the policy log window allow you to Search For any terms included in our policies, as well as Sort or Filter our policies according to its type, when it was created, which subject it relates to, etc.
  • If you cannot see the options to Search, Sort or Filter, try viewing the page in desktop mode.
  • If you cannot find the policy or policies you are looking for, try using alternate versions or spellings of the word (e.g. if you cannot find “bike”, try “bicycle”, “cycling”, and/or “transport”). Always make sure you’re spelling the word correctly.
  • If you still cannot find the policies you are looking for, contact and we’ll be happy to help.