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National Voluntary Organisations

Our National Voluntary Organisations partners are crucial to the work we do to advocate for and improve the lives of young people across Scotland.

Ewan Knight MSYP, Member for Scouts Scotland in a breakout session at SYP77

Alongside our MSYPs who represent Scotland’s 73 constituences, we also have MSYPs representing a number of voluntary organisations.

Voluntary organisations are national organisations who work with young people across Scotland. Our voluntary organisation partners have committed to supporting two MSYPs to represent their members within the work of the Scottish Youth Parliament. They help to make sure the views of young people from seldom heard groups are heard by decision makers.

Our current national voluntary organisation partners are:

The Boys’ Brigade

Find out more about The Boys’ Brigade here.

Find out more about Carers Trust Scotland here.

Find out more about the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) here.

Find out more about Girlguiding Scotland here.

Find out more about LGBT Youth Scotland here.

Find out more about RNIB Haggeye here.

Find out more about Scouts Scotland here.

Find out more about Who Cares? Scotland here.

Find out more about YMCA Scotland here.

We are always looking to increase the number of our national voluntary organisation members, to ensure we continue to represent the views of as broad a cross-section of young people in Scotland.

If you are interested in becoming an SYP national voluntary organisation, or if you simply want to find out more about how we work with external organisations, please get in touch.

Contact our Participation and Programmes Team