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Our impact

All of our policy work is directly informed by young people’s views about the way they want the world they live in to be.

Our work allows us to understand what changes young people want to see in the communities they live in: and it gives us a mandate to make sure those views are heard by the politicians and policymakers who take the decisions.

One of the most high profile ways we do this is at the annual Cabinet meeting with children and young people. This event was established in 2017 and provides seven MSYPs and seven Members of the Children’s Parliament (MCPs) with an opportunity to speak to the most senior politicians in the country about the issues that matter the most to them and to other children and young people.

Video by the Scottish Government.

Our meeting with the Scottish Cabinet is just one of the many ways that we take our policy positions and statements and use them to make sure that politicians and policymakers think about the issues that matter the most to young people. There are (lots) more, including:

  • Meetings.
  • Attending Cross Party Groups.
  • Giving evidence to Scottish Parliament Committees.
  • Responding to consultations.
  • Press releases.

This might leave you asking what has actually happened as a result of our political work. The answer to that is: a lot!

Here are just a few recent examples of when the work of MSYPs has changed the world:

  • Our Right Here, Right Now campaign persuaded the Scottish Government to incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots law.
  • We were a key part of the campaign to support a new law that will make it illegal to physically assault a child, which MSPs passed into law in 2019.
  • MSYPs campaign to stop the use of anti-loitering mosquito devices led to a complete ban on their use by all Scottish local authorities.
  • Our calls for music tuition to be kept free of charge led to the Scottish Government and COSLA working together to find a solution .