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Our policy

SYP Policy comes from the collective voices of Scotland's young people. Our policy originates from our youth manifesto Lead the Way, Members' Motions and Committee Motions which are voted upon by the MSYPs, and consultations with groups of young people on specific issues.

SYP keeps a full log of all active policy, available below:

Lead the Way

Lead the Way is SYP’s manifesto for 2016-2021. Lead the Way provides the organisation with a strong mandate to represent Scotland’s young people, and directs our policy for the five year period.

MSYPs consulted with young people in Scotland on proposed policy statements from June 2015 until January 2016. It is the largest consultation SYP has undertaken in the organisation’s history.

Lead the Way Manifesto 2016-2021 PDF
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Lead the Way calls for 2021

Our Conveners Group have shortlisted the five most pressing issues for Scotland’s young people right now from our Lead the Way manifesto. They have shared these with all political parties to influence their manifesto development process.

Find out what our calls are for 2021 are here. PDF
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