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Pack it up, Pack it in: an April update

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Hi Everyone, 

As you will all know, COVID-19 put a stop to SYP71 at the Scottish Parliament. The Board and staff team are working really hard to make sure some of the things we planned can still go ahead, but in a slightly different format. So, with that, I bring you a campaign update. 

Pack it up, Pack it in has been mammoth. We managed to consult over 2,000 young people all over Scotland, the biggest national campaign consultation response in SYP history. Our survey was in-depth, but that allowed for us to get a diverse range of responses so we could really act on young people’s views. In November 2019, we launched our campaign report. The vibrant report set out eight recommendations, all based off of young people’s views. These are shown on pages 3-5 of the report, and are aimed at decision-makers at all levels. 

So, what have we been doing with these Pack it up, Pack it in recommendations? Well, we have presented them at numerous events, including the Young People’s Festival of Politics at the Scottish Parliament. We’ve spoken to Local Authority councillors, the Scottish Government, and party spokespeople. Most notably, I delivered our recommendations at the 2020 Scottish Cabinet meeting. I sat next to Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform. She was amazed by the campaign’s mammoth youth backing – this is all down to the work every MSYP put in to consulting their constituents. 

As well as shouting about the report, we’ve had our action days. These are days for MSYPs, young people, and of course, the young people at heart, to get involved with the campaign. We’ve had tea parties, poems, tree planting, and upcycling. It’s been truly amazing to watch young people fiercely get involved and show decision-makers how much we care about the planet.

Although over the next few months our campaign may start to look different due to COVID-19, it’s still important we act on the views of Scotland young people. Let’s continue to show the decision-makers how much we care about the environment. Keep up campaign momentum by getting involved in the action days from the safety of your homes.

And finally, from me: thank you. A huge thank you to our MSYPs and Support Workers for supporting the campaign; to our decision-makers for listening; the Campaign Delivery Group for delivering; our partners in the Campaign Advisory Group for advising; and to our superhuman staff lead Rosy who has been an absolute machine throughout this all. This campaign doesn’t happen without all of you, so thank you! I owe you all a crisp elbow bump. 

Stay Safe, 

Liam Fowley MSYP  – Pack It Up, Pack It In Campaign Lead 

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