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Mind Yer Time

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Mind Yer Time is a digital resource which helps children and young people use screens and social media in a healthy way.

The Scottish Youth Parliament developed this Scottish Government-funded project in partnership with the Children’s Parliament. Scotland is the first country in the world to provide a digital resource to help children and young people learn about healthy use of screens and social media.

This digital resource and its content was designed by children and young people, for children and young people. This digital resource covers topics ranging from body positivity to online bullying; providing guidance for children and young people to approach social media in a way that is beneficial for their mental and physical health.

Find the live digital resource, which launched in April 2020, here.

Mind Yer Time Phase 2

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year where more than ever, children and young people have had to use screens and social media. Screens were used daily to continue their education, and social media has been important for children and young people as a way of staying in touch with friends and family, along with keeping up to date with COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

With all these changes taking place, we are delighted to start phase 2 of Mind Yer Time. The Children’s Parliament and SYP will work with children and young people to hear how the digital resource can be updated to take into account the way we are living our lives more digitally throughout this pandemic. Watch this space for more updates.

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