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Young people hold the balance of power in this election

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Aged 18+ and registered to vote? Still umming and ahing about whether to make your way down to the polling station tomorrow? Just in case you need more convincing to have your voice heard in the General Election, our Board of young Trustees have laid out why it’s so important young people turn up and vote!

It’s imperative young people turn up and vote as this is the most important election of their lifetime, make your voice heard and witness change happen.”

Bailey-Lee Robb MSYP, Trustee for Policy and Advocacy

Young people should make sure they have their opinions and voices heard in this election by turning out to vote because it’s by doing so that they’re able to influence change about issues they care about.”

Caitie Dundas MSYP, Trustee for Youth Engagement and Development

In this election, the youth vote is more important than ever. We have the potential to sway the results of this General Election, and elect a government that cares about the difficulties young people face, one that truly represents us. But that will only happen if you get out and use your vote on Thursday. This government will be in power for the next 5 years; Vote on the 12th to make sure it is YOU they are representing.”

Emily Harle MSYP, Trustee for Communications and MSYP Support

Young people hold the balance of power in this election – but that only makes a difference if we turn out and vote. Don’t pass up your civic duty to choose who represents you over the next five years: get out and vote!

Jack Dudgeon MSYP, Chair

It’s our future and it’s our choice. Don’t let your vote go to waste. Back a candidate who wants to invest in what your priorities and make sure that we elect a government that represent young people!”

Josh Kennedy MSYP, Vice Chair

This election day you have the ability to have your opinions heard. Vote for the things that matter to you and vote for how you want this country to go forward in the next 5 years. This is your opportunity, don’t waste it. No excuses. Get out and vote!”

Liam Fowley MSYP, Conveners’ Group Trustee

There are constituencies across Scotland where if more young people voted, results could potentially be phenomenally different. Every vote matters, but especially in this General Election – your future will be in this next Government’s hands.”

Sarah Quinn MSYP, Trustee for NVOs and Projects

Make plans to vote ahead of tomorrow:

  • Make sure you know where your polling station is – find them here.
  • You don’t need your polling card or ID. If registered, just turn up, and your polling card will be there waiting for you!
  • Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm tomorrow, so work out a time which will be convenient for you.

In case something happens tomorrow which prevents you from exercising your democratic right, then you might be able to get someone to vote on your behalf. Find out more about how to cast an emergency proxy vote here.

Happy voting!

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