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Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament, or MSYPs, are young people aged 14 - 25 who are elected every two years to represent every Scottish Parliament constituency and nine national voluntary organisations.

MSYPs gathered at SYP80

MSYPs represent all 12-25 year olds who live in Scotland. During their two-year term, MSYPs:

  • Consult young people in their constituency to find out about issues affecting them.
  • Meet with local and national decision-makers to tell them about young people’s views and experiences of lots of different issues, and to make sure the decisions they are making uphold young people’s rights.
  • Travel across Scotland to attend national events, including Sittings, where they debate and create policy and develop new skills.
  • Take part in working groups, leading on projects, campaigns, and other events and activities.
  • Are human rights defenders.
  • Make new friends from all over the country!