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Demonstrate support for young people with Additional Support Needs

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This week, organisations have been participating in National Inclusion Week. “Inclusion” refers to a culture and practice within educational and working environments that promotes diversity and equality. It is about supporting people who may have differing access requirements to fully participate in their learning or work without barriers.

Inclusion is one of SYP’s core values; we are committed to being inclusive and work to ensure policy-makers and politicians hear the voices of young people from every community and background in Scotland. As such, SYP’s Education and Lifelong Learning Committee have conducted a fantastic week-long social media campaign to endorse Inclusion Week, with a particular focus on raising awareness of Additional Support Needs (or, ASN for short). ASN refers to giving children and young people extra help or support so they can get the most out of their education.

Their campaign, called #ASNAware is designed to make all pupils feel supported, included and listened to in their learning. The Committee have partnered with Reach Scotland too, which is a team dedicated to helping children to be involved in decisions so they have an equal chance to flourish in education.

Across this week, the Committee have been sharing information about various examples of ASN, including dyslexia, autism, and ADHD. The emphasis has been on raising awareness by speaking up about the signs of ASN, and what we can collectively do to help those with ASN to participate in education settings confidently and without barriers. The campaign has empowered various Twitter users from all walks of life to share their experiences with the Committee, too.

Although the campaign finishes today, there is always time to engage and make yourself #ASNAware – you can show your support for inclusion beyond this year’s National Inclusion Week!

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