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BAME into Employment Enquiry Launch

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A programme I am involved in, Young Woman Lead, has launched its enquiry a few weeks ago to research for next year’s ‘Status of Young Women in Scotland’ with the focus on gauging the transition from education to employment for young Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women.

The findings collected will be put into a report and presented to the Scottish Government with suggestions of actions to be taken to support young BAME women in areas such as increase employment opportunities for women from ethnic backgrounds, including recruitment, retention and development of policies and best practice.

To aid with the research and make Scotland more inclusive, you can participate answering 2 of the most relevant surveys for young people (we tried to keep these as concise as possible because we understand how boring it might be to answer a bunch of questions):

Education Survey – This is for BAME women aged 16-30 with lived experience of education in Scotland. We are interested in the transition between school and employment and are looking to find out resources available to gain employment; if there are equal opportunities in accessing help and information on career choices; and whether there have been challenges when seeking employment. You can find the survey here.

BAME Women in Employment Survey – This is for BAME women aged 16-30 in employment in Scotland. We want to know whether there are more BAME women in leadership positions in your organisation or if your organisation supports you in your career development. You can find the survey here.

As well as the survey research, Young Women Lead has also held – and plans to hold more – committee meetings with organisations working with young BAME women to explore what actions they are taken to make workplaces more inclusive and what more cane be done to improve it further.

We are asking MSYPs to spread this research to their constituents or anyone they think might benefit from this.

If you know any teachers or employers in Scotland there are two separate surveys for them, more information can be found at

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