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All Aboard

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To improve young people’s experience of public transport in Scotland.

All Aboard, SYP’s 2018/19 campaign on public transport, focused on three themes: 

  • Reducing fares: this theme focused on improving existing concessionary rates on public transport for young people in Scotland up to their 26th birthday. 
  • Accessibility: this theme focused on improving the accessibility of public transport and waiting areas for young people. 
  • Bus standards: this theme focused on improving bus services and waiting standards for young people across Scotland. 

MSYPs consulted with 1,329 young people across Scotland to find out what would improve their experience of using public transport. The results of our consultation launched in January 2019, in a report called All Aboard. 

The All Aboard report highlights ten key findings. 

Based on these key findings, we have put forward ten recommendations, aimed at Transport Scotland, public transport companies, and Regional Transport Partnerships, calling for changes that will help to improve young people’s experiences of public transport in Scotland. 

Download the All Aboard report below:

Or, download a summary of the campaign background below.

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