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Pack it up, Pack it in

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Pack it up, Pack it in is our 2019-20 national campaign. This campaign was selected by our membership in June 2019, after consulting with over 10,200 young people. It will run from September 2019 until October 2020.

Pack it up, Pack it in concentrates on reducing pollution levels which contribute to climate change. We will do this by focusing on reducing single-use packaging and waste, and improving recycling in Scotland.

The overarching aim of this campaign is:

‘To empower young people to speak out and take action to reduce pollution levels in Scotland.’

We will do this by:

  1. Identifying young people’s views on single-use packaging, waste, and recycling in Scotland.
  2. Making recommendations and calling for the changes young people want to see in relation to single-use packaging, waste and recycling in Scotland.
  3. Taking action to reduce the single-use packaging and waste, and to improve recycling in Scotland.

Find out young people’s views and recommendations in our Pack it up, Pack it in report:

Pack it up, Pack it in Consultation Report PDF
1,346 kB
Pack it up, Pack it in Consultation Report – easy read version DOCX
42 kB

In December 2019, we responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on proposals for developing a circular economy. This consultation focuses on reducing waste, encouraging reuse, and improving recycling. Read it here.

How can you get involved?

Interested in becoming an official campaign action day partner? Please contact Rosy at to find out more!

Follow us at @OfficialSYP and use #SYPReducePollution to find out what MSYPs are up to.

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