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Marcus Flucker MSYP

Marcus Flucker MSYP

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I stood for election because I know how desperate young people are for change. In my time as an MSYP I pledge to work tirelessly to repay the trust placed in me by the young people of Angus South by making sure their voices are listened to and fully considered.

Articles written by Marcus Flucker MSYP

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    The UK is being accused of being a Climate Criminal, here’s why we must not be found guilty…

    Image of an oil rig out at sea with a green tint overlaid.
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    #CabinetTakeover 2023: UNCRC Incorporation

    Blue and orange graphic with an image of Marcus Flucker MSYP with text that reads 'UNCRC Incorporation. #CabinetTakeover'. SYP logo in top left.
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