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The Moment

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The Scottish Youth Parliament, Children’s Parliament, and Scottish Parliament teamed up to give children and young people from across Scotland the opportunity to take part in nation-wide climate meetings with MSPs in October 2021 as part of a new initiative to ensure their voices are heard as part of the debate on the climate emergency.

Taking place on Friday 29 October, titled The Moment was an opportunity for children and young people to engage with their elected representatives in the places where they live. It will allow them to communicate their expectations and wants for their future.

Before this. children and young people were supported to communicate their calls to action in tackling the climate emergency to decision makers in their local areas, including MPs, MSPs, and Councillors ahead of the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

The Scottish Youth Parliament developed resources to empower young people across Scotland to explore and raise issues around the climate emergency. You can access SYP’s Climate Advocacy Action Pack by clicking the button below. Children aged 7-14 can access the Children’s Parliament’s Climate Changemakers toolkit by clicking here.

Wiktoria Orlicka MSYP explains more about The Moment below:

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