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The Scottish Youth Parliament’s 2021 Elections Go Live!

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The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) elections are now live! That means from 8th to 21st November, Scotland’s young people have the opportunity to vote for the MSYPs that will represent them for the next two years.

The votes of young people give MSYPs their democratic mandate to represent the views of Scotland’s young people. This election comes at a time when young people’s views need heard more than ever. The pandemic has impacted young people’s education, exacerbated a mental health crisis by increasing isolation, disproportionately impacted those living in poverty and so much more. The Scottish Youth Parliament works to give young people a voice on this, and all issues that impact young people, from the climate emergency and justice to local issues across Scotland that impact young people.

Over the past two years, the work of MSYPs has had a hugely positive impact on the lives of Scotland’s young people. Voting in the SYP elections is the best way to make sure that your views are reflected in the work of the Scottish Youth Parliament on local and national issues.

Young people aged 12-25 can vote in their constituency or in their National Voluntary Organisation (NVO) and have their views heard by electing young people standing for what they believe in.

Visit to vote and find out who’s standing in your area or NVO.

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