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Update 3: 2023 Scottish Youth Parliament elections

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Following discussions with our Local Authority and National Voluntary Organisation partners, our Board has today taken the decision to approve the following changes to the SYP elections with a phased approach. 

Elections in Local Authorities and at National Voluntary Organisations that were not using the Young Scot e-voting platform are going ahead as planned. Some of these areas and organisations may extend their elections following the brief pause in voting this week. A list of areas and organisations that were not using the Young Scot e-voting platform for their elections is available below.*

We are working with Local Authorities using the Young Scot e-voting platform to support them to hold their elections at a time when they are able to – for some this will be an immediate restart, but this is not the case in all areas. Election candidates should speak to their Election Coordinator to find out about elections in their area or voluntary organisation.

The results of the SYP elections in each Local Authority or National Voluntary Organisation that were not using the Young Scot e-voting platform will now be announced from Monday 27th November 2023. However, each area and organisation will decide on their own individual announcement date. To find out when the results will be announced, please contact your Election Coordinator.

Candidates who are elected in uncontested seats and those elected in seats not using the Young Scot e-voting platform will become ‘MSYP Elects’ until the official start date of the new SYP membership.

The official start date of the new SYP membership is now 1st February 2024. Some Local Authorities may not be able to hold elections before this date and they will be supported to hold elections at a time when they are able to do so. An induction programme will be delivered for all MSYPs – including those elected after the official membership start date.

MSYP Elects, and candidates in ongoing SYP elections, will be given opportunities to engage in the work of SYP before the start of the new membership. We’ll be working with our partners at Young Scot to design and deliver workshops, training sessions, and create other exciting activities to support MSYPs Elect and candidates to fully engage with the work of the Scottish Youth Parliament over the next few months.

*List of Local Authorities and National Voluntary Organisations not using the Young Scot voting platform and therefore continuing with their elections:

  1. All National Voluntary Organisations, including:
    a. Carer’s Trust
    b. Girlguiding Scotland
    c. LGBT Youth Scotland
    d. Scouts Scotland
    e. Who Cares? Scotland
    f. YMCA Scotland
  2. The following Local Authorities:
    a. Clackmannanshire
    b. Dumfries and Galloway
    c. Fife
    d. South Lanarkshire

For more information, you can view our FAQs.

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