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What can we do to tackle domestic abuse in Scotland?

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T/W: This blog contains themes of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Earlier in the week, my first blog (which you can read by clicking here), looked at what domestic abuse is, its root causes, and how children and young people are impacted by it. This time, I wanted to take the time

What can the Government do to tackle the root causes of domestic abuse?

Since the Domestic Abuse Scotland (2018) Act passed, the SNP pledged £100 Million over three years to support front line services and prevention of violence against women and girls in their 2021 manifesto.

Whilst the world has come to a standstill, Domestic abuse has not. Decision makers must do more to tackle this at its root cause (GBV) and fund more support for the survivors. As the aim of the Scottish Government’s strategy to end and eradicate violence against women and girls (Equally Safe) states:

“To work collaboratively with key partners in the public, private and third sectors to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls.”

SYP has passed policy which MSYPs agreed would improve the situation for people who experience domestic abuse both welcoming the additional funding to tackle Domestic Abuse and calling for more support, including a time of paid leave for survivors from their work.

How can you take action to support victims of domestic abuse?

As domestic abuse is overwhelming perpetrated by men, with women and girls as victims, the onus for change should fall on men. The new Police Scotland Don’t be that guy campaign highlights this, and you can see the campaign video by clicking here.  

There are a number of ways you can take action to support victims of domestic abuse, and any and all action you take could make a significant difference to those you’re helping. Consider:

  • Writing to your MSPs to raise your concerns on this issue.
  • Calling out misogyny, sexism, and toxic masculinity when you see it.
  • Educate yourself and others. There is so much information on domestic abuse available, but a few good places to start are:
    • The White Ribbon campaign’s website which is a campaign to involve men in tackling violence against women.
  • Support the Young Scot campaign to eradicate Domestic Abuse.

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