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Creative Communications Team

Engaging Scotland's young people through youth-led multimedia.


The Creative Communications Team (CCT) is a group of 10 MSYPs who create youth-led media content. They help SYP develop an engaging online presence, targeting Scotland’s young people in captivating and accessible ways.

CCT members have a variety of creative skills and interests, including illustration, video editing, photography, social media campaigning – to name a few!

CCT membership lasts for 1 year, and their creative direction is guided by an elected Convener. They communicate online to create content, and meet in-person three times a year at our national Sittings.

Their projects

At a recent training afternoon, CCT 2019/20 produced a video in support of The Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland). This video was used in SYP’s #StopKidsBeingHit Twitter takeover, in collaboration with Children’s 1st.

CCT’s #StopKidsBeingHit video

National Poetry Day Competition

This year’s National Poetry Day theme is “truth”. CCT are running a poetry competition open to all children and young people living in Scotland. Submit your poems related to the theme of “truth”. The winning poem will be illustrated by CCT and posted on the SYP blog. Find out more about the competition here.