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Our Board and Advisors

Our Board is made up of our young members, and are elected for the positions of Chair, a Vice Chair and five Trustees.

The Board is responsible for the governance of SYP, which is a huge commitment to undertake. All Board applicants go through an assessment process before they can stand for election by their fellow MSYPs.

The SYP Chair, Vice Chair, and Trustees are elected annually. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place at the Summer Sitting – with the exception of one Conveners’ Trustee who is elected by the Conveners’ Group.

At the AGM, all MSYPs present will be able to vote for their preferred candidates. The elections are conducted using the Scottish STV voting system, and the MSYPs who are unable to attend will be able to nominate a proxy.


The SYP Board is supported by four External Advisors. The Advisors attend Board meetings and share their expertise with the Board on the decisions they are asked to make. Advisors are there to support the Board in its decision-making, but they do not have a vote - all of the power at SYP is in the hands of young people, in this case the Board of Trustees who are elected by the membership.