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Get a move on

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SYP’s Sport and Leisure (SPL) and Transport, Environment, and Rural Affairs (TERA) committees are excited to present Get a move on – a mini-campaign which aims to raise awareness of active travel.

Get a move on has been planned by a group of MSYPs, and is funded by Sustrans.

It will run for a month in advance of COP26, and has two key aims:

  1. To showcase the benefits of active travel through a social media campaign.
  2. To encourage young people to get involved in active travel.

Between 1st and 16th October 2021, young people across Scotland will be encouraged to walk, wheel, or cycle for (part of) at least one journey they would normally otherwise take the car or bus.

Tell us about your experiences of active travel

We are collecting young people’s experiences and use this to create a report, which will be used during the COP26 period to showcase young people’s views and experiences of using active travel. Share your experiences of using active transport here:

Create your own online surveys with SmartSurvey.

Find out more about Get a move on

Mollie McGoran MSYP, Convener of SYP’s Transport, Environment, and Rural Affair explains a bit about the campaign below:

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