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Liam’s role on the COVID-19 Education Recovery Group

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Wild times just now, for everyone. Everything is changing by what feels like the week. But still, we must group together and pull through. So I’ll start this blog with a message to say I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

I was proud to announce I joined Scotland’s COVID-19 Education Recovery Group in mid-October. An amazing opportunity to get young people’s views right to the heart of Scotland’s decision-making, a responsibility I do not take lightly.

The COVID-19 Education Recovery Group, chaired by John Swinney MSP and Cllr Stephen McCabe, is there to be a forum to have a frank discussion about education in COVID times. The group consists of loads of different people from Government Officials, different spokespeople and public health experts all talking about education in one of the wildest times we have all faced. They have all tried to make me feel welcome and included in discussions, which I have really appreciated.

My role? Well the most important one, of course. Representing the views of Scotland’s young people.

So far I’ve attended three education recovery group meetings, which happen every Thursday, and spoken about important topics at each of them. First up was the impact of face coverings on young people, where it was noted we need some additional information as to the reasoning behind these and I expressed the concerns of young people. These were all noted and are being followed up just now!

Secondly I spoke about the 2021 exam diet, and how young people are still deeply concerned about this. My view is, of course, that young people need to be at the heart of decision-making about this. Discussions are ongoing in the group about this – so watch this space!

Finally, I have expressed the concerns of young people about what education looks like for pupils in a Tier 4 local authority, especially the additional support for young people who are shielding.

I plan on firing updates here every now and then, so watch this space! Young people – if you have any concerns get in touch with your MSYP who will in turn fire me a line! It’s hard work, and time consuming. But it’s always worth it.

Stay safe everyone, follow the F.A.C.T.S Guidance and play your part in keeping the nation safe.

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