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MSYPs select new national campaigns

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament have voted to select their three new national campaigns for the next two years.

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Image of an MSYP sitting at a table taking part in a panel discussion at an event. Orange tint overlaid with white polka dots in corners.
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    Voting opens in 2023 Scottish Youth Parliament elections

    Graphic with brush stroke, arrow and tickbox. Image of hands dropping ballot papers into a box. SYP Election logo in the middle.
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    #SYPRepresents: Our workshop on care experienced young people and young carers

    Charles Fernando MSYP and Max Green MSYP organising their posters off staff at SYP79
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    Sistema Scotland joins the Scottish Youth Parliament as a partner organisation

    Sistema Scotland guests at SYP's 80th National Sitting in Aberdeen in October 2023 - from left to right, Tochi, aged 16, Cayden, aged 14, Anthony Cowie and Leo MacKenzie.
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    The UK is being accused of being a Climate Criminal, here’s why we must not be found guilty…

    Image of an oil rig out at sea with a green tint overlaid.
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    #CabinetTakeover 2023: Access to Contraception

    Blue and orange graphic with an image of Emma Prach MSYP with text that reads ' Access to Contraception. #CabinetTakeover'. SYP logo in top left.
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    #CabinetTakeover 2023: Bereavement Support

    Blue and orange graphic with an image of Ellie Craig MSYP with text that reads 'Bereavement Support. #CabinetTakeover'. SYP logo in top left.
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    Programme for Government – our response

    Graphic with blue, navy and orange triangles in each corner. Image of Scottish Parliament chamber in the background. Text in the top right corner reads: 'Programme for Government'.
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    Single Use, Many Voices: Young people’s views on the impact of single-use vapes

    Graphic with a green background with a map of Scotland in the middle. Text in the top left in magazine cut-out letter style reads: 'Single-Use, Many Voices'. Image of young people joining arms with a megaphone below.
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    International Overdose Awareness Day

    Graphic with Stop the Deaths logo in the middle with SYP drug related harm branding on the outside.
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    Taking a youth-led approach to evaluating community based mental health services

    Graphic with background image of pens and paper with SYP logo in top left and community mental health report in top right.
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    SYP Awards 2023 – nominations now open!

    Graphic with blue gradient at the bottom with white polka dots. Text at the top next to the SYP logo reads: 'Awards 2023. #SYPAwards2023'.
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    International Youth Day 2023

    Graphic with blue background with image of 'Youth Work and Me' report on right and text on the left that reads: 'International Youth Day 2023'.