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MSYPs select new national campaigns

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament have voted to select their three new national campaigns for the next two years.

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Image of an MSYP sitting at a table taking part in a panel discussion at an event. Orange tint overlaid with white polka dots in corners.
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    One year on from the Conference of Youth (COY16)

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    SYP’s stance on Gender Recognition Reform

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    Let’s talk about tax: young people’s view on the future of our tax system

    Ellie Craig MSYP speaking at a lecturn at SYP77
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    Anti-racist education: breaking the mould

    SYP77 Board Member Crisantos Ike on stage at SYP77
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    My Story: Omar Taher MSYP

    Omar Taher MSYP on stage giving his speech at SYP77
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    Statement from SYP Board

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    Scotland’s Urgent Need for Rent Controls

    Gavin Stewart MSYP proposing ‘Improvements to the Rented Housing Sector’ at SYP77
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    Holocaust Education – Is Scotland falling behind?

    Daisy Stewart Henderson MSYP proposing her motion on stage at SYP77
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    Buffer Zones: Our Reproductive Right

    Blue patterned background with hand holding placard that reads:
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    MSYPs collaborate to work on mental health improvements

    Mental Health Joint Delivery Board (
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    Young people need to know when their rights will be protected

    A selfie taken by Josh Kennedy of him in front a laptop with a the Cabinet meeting being hosted on Teams
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    Another week of let-downs show education review must lead to reform

    Image of a person holding a pen writing in a book at a desk