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Ellie Craig MSYP

Ellie Craig MSYP

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MSYP for Glasgow Cathcart

Articles written by Ellie Craig MSYP

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    #CabinetTakeover 2023: Bereavement Support

    Blue and orange graphic with an image of Ellie Craig MSYP with text that reads 'Bereavement Support. #CabinetTakeover'. SYP logo in top left.
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    Let’s talk about tax: young people’s view on the future of our tax system

    Ellie Craig MSYP speaking at a lecturn at SYP77
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    Participatory budgeting for a rights based approach to recovery

    Blue and purple graphic with a facemask Bounce Back logo in one corner and an image of a screen with a graduation cap over the corner. The text on the image says:
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