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    Combining forces with Forces Children Scotland

    Graphic with a blue background. Image of a young person in the middle. Orange arrow overlaid on top of image. Purple ring around image.
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    Equal marriage 10 years on: Reflecting on the past and hoping for the future

    MSYPs and staff at Pride
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    It’s Giving Evidence: Our Trip to London

    MSYPs and the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee. Back row: Alan Brown MP, David Duguid MP, Wendy Chamberlain MP, Pete Wishart MP, Douglas Ross MP and Michael Shanks MP. Front row: Mollie McGoran, Ellie Craig MSYP, Olivia Brown MSYP, Abbie Wright and Ewan Knight MSYP.
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    SYP Elections 2023 results

    Graphic with blue, orange and white paper around the edges. Image of MSYPs clapping and an image of an MSYP speaking on stage in the middle. SYP elections megaphone in the top left with text that reads: 'Your new MSYPs'.