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Care. Fare. Share.

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Our campaign to ensure young carers are treated fairly.

Care. Fare. Share, SYP’s 2014/15 campaign, focused on ensuring that young carers are treated fairly by society and government policies, and that their caring situations do not prevent them from accessing further education and engaging in social activities.

To reduce financial strain on young carers we:

  • Addressed anomalies in the administration of the Educational Maintenance Allowance programme.
  • Petitioned for additional funding and bursary opportunities for young carers struggling to afford further education.
  • Found ways to reduce the cost of travel for young carers between school, work, and home to fulfil their caring and education duties. 

Care. Fair. Share. secured updates in the guidance for the Educational Maintenance Allowance programme to offer young carers flexibility in attendance if they were absent due to caring. This is helping more young carers keep their payments and stay in school.   

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