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OECD report on assessment calls for meaningful engagement of young people

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SYP have welcomed the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) latest report on “Upper-secondary education student assessment in Scotland”. Following exam cancellations over the past 18 months, a review of Scotland’s education system is ongoing and the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) has continually called for young people’s views and rights to be put at the centre of that review. That sentiment was shared in the latest OECD report on assessment, which concluded by saying:

“Whatever routes are chosen, at the heart of any such system should be those who are most impacted: the learners being assessed. Students should have opportunities to influence assessment policies. Educational equity requires a dependable and resilient assessment system which is perceived as trustworthy by the key stakeholders in society.”

In welcoming the publication of the OECD report, SYP’s Education and Lifelong Learning Committee’s Convener, Cameron Garrett MSYP said:

“It’s fantastic to see another report highlight the importance of putting young people’s views and rights at the heart of the process of reforming exams.

“SYP are determined to ensure that going forward, young people’s views are taken into account and, as this report highlights, learners are given the opportunities to influence how they are assessed. We look forward to working with our partners to develop a system that has young people at its heart”

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