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The Action Project — Young People’s Big Ideas

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The Action Project, hosted by the David Hume Institute, has been supporting children and adults across Scotland to think and talk about what Scotland needs to become more ‘prosperous, sustainable, inclusive and fair’. The process has enabled people and communities to identify ambitious yet concrete Big Ideas that can be turned into real action.

As part of this project, the Scottish Youth Parliament used the 2016-21 manifesto, ‘From Scotland’s Young People‘ to determine the Big Ideas that would feature. The manifesto was developed through mass consultation with young people and communicates the changes young people would like to see over the coming Scottish Parliamentary term. The 42 big ideas identified were shortlisted through a survey of MSYPs, with the final five Big Ideas selected by a focus group from SYP’s Conveners Group.

The result of this was ‘The Action Project – Young People’s Big Ideas‘ report. This report shares:

  • Why these ideas are important in Scotland today.
  • Quotes from young people who would benefit directly from them.
  • An explanation of why our Conveners and Deputy Conveners felt they were important.
  • And a breakdown of what’s happening now, and suggested actions for the future.

The five big ideas were:

1. Mandatory Mental Health Training

2. Housing First

3. Protecting Youth Work

4. Listening to Seldom Heard Voices

5. Sustainable Packaging and Recycling

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