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To speak or not to speak?

To speak or not to speak? Too often, young people find the Children’s Hearing System (CHS) too intimidating to speak up. We having been… Read More

UNCRC Discussion Day

Our Right Here, Right Now campaign persuaded the Scottish Government to incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots law before 2021. In May 2019, the Scottish Government opened a public consultation to look at how a new Act could incorporate the UNCRC into the law of… Read More

The lowdown on SYP70

In October over 100 MSYPs gathered in Dunfermline High School, Fife, for our 70th National Sitting (otherwise known as #SYP70)! The productive two-day event included… Read More

Healthy Social Media and Screen Time

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) are delivering a project in partnership with the Children’s Parliament to co-produce a world-leading digital resource to help children and young people use social media and screens in a healthy way. This digital resource and its content will be designed by children and… Read More

Pack it up, Pack it in

Pack it up, Pack it in is our 2019-20 national campaign. This campaign was selected by our membership in June 2019, after consulting with over 10,200 young people. It will run from September 2019 until October 2020. Pack it up, Pack it in concentrates on reducing pollution levels which contribute… Read More

Transport Scotland Discussion Day

In September 2019, 35 MSYPs took part in a Discussion Day with Transport Scotland. Representing the voices of their young constituents, MSYPs had their say on the draft National Transport Strategy (NTS). In the lead up to the event, SYP adapted the language of the NTS public consultation to… Read More